Söur Bruthers offer the best of Americana with the raw grit and soul of their self-titled debut. Featuring a muscular western twang, they craft entire stories from a life lived to the absolute fullest. With a sound that at times feels reminiscent of Tom Petty’s best work, the songs come through absolutely swinging. Beats hit hard and the riffs possess a great physicality to them, as they refuse to let up for anything. Layer upon layer of sound is applied with almost a painterly precision for everything comes together in a vast whirlwind.”

Chris Hemson, Skope Magazine

The Söur Bruthers sound is stylish, energetic, soulful, and satisfying in the way that any great blues-rock or Americana soaked record should be. The opening instrumentation for Sinkin’ Down paves the way for what is a melodic and entertaining show of story telling delivered by a gritty and emotionally captivating leading voice. The lead singer for this band actually has a slightly country rock twang or tone. It’s a stunning voice, it carries the sentiment and raw energy of these songs in the most authentic and compelling way. Surrounding this, the manic energy of the drums, the chaotic and colourful guitar solos, the accompanying chorus of vocals – the entire ensemble hits with almost the impact of a real time live show. The eclecticism on this collection is cleverly and professionally matched by the distinct thread and sense of identity that the band present. The songwriting and performances are top notch.”

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

From start to finish, the Soul Bruthers debut EP is an impressive collection of music. The songwriting is gold standard – full of consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair, and signature groove. Note for note, song for song, there isn’t really a weak piece in this entire catalog. The writing and playing abilities of this 4 piece are rock solid. The melodies and harmonies are well crafted, and the lyrical content is packed to the hilt with good old-fashioned conventional wisdom. At the end of the day Sour Bruthers bring the mojo and prove good old fashioned Rock n’ Roll is alive and well in Chicago.”

Indie Music Reviews, Zachary Rush

The Chicago based group, the Söur Bruthers, effortlessly combine country twang, rock and Americana for a unique sound that is highly contagious. Söur Bruthers were named a Top 5 Winner in the Country category of the 2017 18th Annual Great American Song Contest for their song “Better Days.” Off their self-titled EP comes another hit single “3 a.m.” which showcases their talent and ability to write catchy, universal songs.”

Bryon William, Indie Spoonful

Söur Bruthers begin their self-titled EP with Sinkin’ Down, a down and dirty rock track that blends together the Goo Goo Dolls, Thin Lizzy, and Bon Jovi. Assertive drums, sizzling guitar lines, and a truly charismatic set of vocals start this release off with high energy. The immaculate production of this extended play allows each part of the band to pop while crafting music that could easily be heard on college or rock radio stations. We’d recommend that one strap on their favorite pair of headphones to hear each note as there is so much going on during each second. Few artists are able to come forth and make such a coherent and informative statement with an EP, but the Söur Bruthers make something special with the six songs on this release.”

James McQuiston, NeuFutur Magazine

Sporting three quality voices and a rough and ready synthesis of rock, blues, classic country, and singer/songwriter oriented sort of material, Sour Bruthers is a four piece act hailing from Chicago whose self titled debut is one of the best Americana releases in recent memory. The six song collection kicking off their recording career is anchored by the presence of brothers Tim Sour on vocals/guitar and Bill on vocals/bass, but these songs wouldn’t pack the same wallop if the band’s lineup didn’t include the presence of second guitarist/vocalist Mikey A and drummer Tony Lunni. The four musicians possess a readily identifiable chemistry that invokes traditional influences with great vividness, but fills these songs with personality rather than slavish, by the numbers imitation. Sour Bruthers’ debut will impress both intense roots music fans and casual listeners alike – anyone who appreciates music will appreciate the bracing authenticity of their performance. ”

No Depression, Mindy McCall

The Chicago based group debuts with a self-titled EP effort illustrating a remarkable understanding of traditional music and the needed imagination to transform it. Their transformation gives this EP release a distinctively individual quality unlike what we hear from many Americana themed acts today. It’s a tricky balance to maintain fidelity to a particular form while still bringing something of yourself to it that doesn’t move it too far from its roots. Sour Bruthers realizes that ambition straight out of the gate with this self-titled studio release and polishes off the collection with robust production capturing the spirit of these songs and rendering the band’s approach with clarity and balance. Sour Bruthers enter a crowded field, this style of music proving increasingly popular once again and sustaining a niche musical community within popular culture, but they obviously possess the talent to stand out from the pack and claim a spot as theirs alone.”

Cashbox Magazine Canada, Jason Hillenburg

These guys have that ah-mazing dichotomy of Rock – the ying and yang in ever day life – the tears and laughter, the ups and downs, the pleasure and pain, and so on. What The Söur Bruthers has brought into focus in the world of today’s music is a spirited eclectic form of Rock fusion that plays like a soundtrack to an outlaw movie – that bar-room brawl banging percussions, guitars riffing and cutting like the sour side of Tequila, bittersweet lyrics, accompanied by some juicy, spirited ROCK. So, I am going to say that this EP is the Gin and Juice collection of the EPs that will soon be released under their genre of “Sourlicious Rock.” With their self-chosen subgenre of Rock, a uniquely spelled name, and common sense lyrics, the Söur Bruthers’ are lyrically and musically giving Music to the masses the right way with grit and truth. It is Rock Music baby . . . . It’s Sourlicious!”

Lakisha D Skinner, Klef Notes

A heavy four-four drum beat lays the foundation on the opening track, “Sinkin’ Down,” as slide guitar fills ooze with a swampy attitude. The rhythm section thumps away with a catchy fist-pumping, foot-tapping pulse, providing an able route for the lead vocalist’s arrival. With each of the band’s cylinders primed and greased, a steady pace rules the music. In some measure, reckless abandon adds to the Söur Bruthers’ characteristic twangy sound. This is just for starters.”

Paul J Wolfe, Music Interview Magazine

Söur Bruthers ups their creative capacity on their debut self titled EP “Söur Bruthers” serving as a prequel for innovative future ventures pioneering sound in an upward progression towards the decisive pinnacle of timeless music. The twangy strumming portions of the EP were an amalgam to the overall composition’s structural efficiency within the frequency spectrum and musical variety. The songwriting faculties execute unique positioning and instrument arrangement throughout the EP’s duration that were linked together in a seamless fashion of novelty. The percussive elements move in a fluid consistent motion much like a mantra that hits hard within the beats per minute fluctuating tempo. The combination of dynamic realms of music within the country genre is peppered with a sense of rock music that can adhere to both music enthusiast worlds with no loose ends or unturned stones.”


Merging diverse influences and experiences, Söur Bruthers deliver a distinct sounding blend of roots rock with a healthy infusion of Americana and Country twang. Their self-titled EP includes six songs that this experienced group of musicians either revived from their catalogs or created from scratch as they explored collaborating and recording while combining their wide array of styles and influences. The result is a cohesive collection of songs which transition seamlessly through a series of roots rockin’ frequencies guaranteed to grab your attention and possibly have you reaching for your favorite air instrument to jam along. Infectious guitar riffs combine with big sounding drums to create a blues-tonkin’ soundscape that will leave you wanting more music from Söur Bruthers.”

Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music.com